Welcome Letter
Welcome back Ford Panthers! All of us at Ford Elementary School are excited to welcome you and your family to a brand-new school year. We are thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of our Ford Family. Our staff is dedicated, committed, and motivated to have our students back on campus. We look forward to working alongside you to support your educational goals. 
Teacher Name                                                              Grade                     Room

 Ms. Brennan                                                           Kindergarten              7
Ms. Rosado                                                                          Kindergarten         5
Ms. Froebe                                                                            First Grade            4
Mrs. Grant and Ms. Juarez (student teacher)                 First Grade            2
Mrs. Leon                                                                             Second Grade       6
Mrs. Paulik                                                                           Second Grade       1
Mrs. Chaput                                                                         Third Grade          17
Mrs. Makovic                                                                      Third Grade          11
Ms. Armstrong                                                                     Fourth Grade        14
Mrs. Cugini                                                                           Fourth Grade        12
Mr. Nuñez                                                                             Fifth Grade           19
Support Faculty and Staff
Ms. Abdu                              Teacher, English Language
Mrs. Cox                               School Office Manager
Mrs. Freudenberg                Teacher Assistant, Ex. Ed.
Ms. Freudenberg                  Teacher Assistant
Ms. Hernandez                    Psychologist
Mrs. Holguin                        Teacher Assistant
Mr. Honecker                       Teacher, OMA - Band
Mrs. Howard                        Teacher, OMA – Fine Arts
Mrs. Kennedy                      Teacher Assistant / Monitor
Mrs. Kilcran                          Curriculum Service Provider
Ms. Little                               Nurse, RN
Mrs. Martin                          School Community Liaison
Mrs. Means                          Library Assistant
Mrs. Mims                            Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Niblo                             Teacher, Physical Education
Mrs. Pomeroy                      Teacher, Resource
Ms. Smith                             Teacher, Interventionist
Mrs. Snow                             Attendance and Registration
Ms. Spragg                            Teacher, Resource
Ms. Swift                               Counselor 
Mrs. Valdez                          Teacher Assistant / Monitor
Mrs. Watson                         Health Assistant
Mrs. Williams                       Speech Language Pathologist

I wish everyone a safe and fabulous school year! Please mark your calendar for our first parent event, Parent Curriculum Night on Tuesday, August 16th.
Thank you for choosing Ford! Please visit our Ford website at https://fordes.tusd1.org for the school’s and district’s upcoming events and news.

Ms. Johnston, PrincipalText

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